By Far, MAD Dividends has the best tools for dividend investors.

MAD Dividends can help you if:

You're investing in dividend stocks to generate a reliable income stream in retirement.

You want to maximize your income potential to have more money, retire earlier, or both!

You want to make sure you're not investing in low quality, high risk dividend stocks.

You're looking to generate multiple income streams to maximize your financial flexibility.

You want to create intergenerational wealth to protect your family for decades to come.

The best ever FREE Dividend Portfolio Tracker.

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• One free portfolio.

• Unlimited transactions.

• Dividend history & forecast.

• Beautiful performance charts.

• All US Stocks, ETFs, CEFs & More.



• Unlimited portfolios.

• Premium portfolio tools.

• The 1st month only costs $1.

• Brilliant screeners & watchlists.

• MAD Scores for over 4,000 stocks.

A MAD PLUS subscription includes tons of crucial features:

Unlimited Portfolios

Performance charts & tables

Track your dividend income

Compare to major indices

Project future dividends

Unlimited Screeners

Dozens of ratios to choose from

Access to our MAD Scores

Track entries and exits

Wide range of rules

Unlimited Stock Analytics

Valuation, Insider transactions & more

Footnotes & disclosure search tool

Financial statements since 2010

All important key data & ratios

Unlimited Watchlists

The most powerful watchlist tool

Instant access to all key ratios

Keep track of what matters

Plenty of data and charts

You get everything you need to find the best dividend stocks.

Our MAD Scores make it easy to find your next investment.

Dividend Strength Score

Combines dividend safety & dividend potential.

Identifies stocks likely to meet your goals.

Updated & calculated on a daily basis.

Available for 2,000+ stocks.

Stock Strength Score

Combines value, momentum & quality.

Identifies stocks likely to beat the market.

Comes with underlying factor scores.

Available for 4,000+ stocks.

Once a month, we'll send you a portfolio report.

& you'll get access to fantastic screeners & watchlists.

It's without a doubt; you'll love MAD Dividends!

And you get to try it all for just $1. You'll have 30 days to try all the features.

MAD PLUS comes with no strings attached.

You'll be finding the dividend stocks you need in no time. But if for whatever reason MAD Plus isn't right for you, you can cancel at any time.


MAD Dividends is brought to you by Robert & Sam Kovacs,

The father & son team that has been shaking up the dividend world.

We will always remain close to our members. After all, we are dividend investors, just like you.

Here is what our MAD members have to say:

"I can’t begin to describe just how easy this web app is to use! The clear concise picture of my portfolio and the dividend payouts is incredible."

- Derek Strauss

"As a dividend investor, MAD Dividends is an amazing resource. There is a wealth of information and analysis immediately available, all in one place. With new features being added and site creators that welcome feedback, this site is at the top of my list for stock research."

- Joe Weatherbee

"I really like MAD Dividends because it makes it easy to track your portfolio, and more importantly the evolution of your dividend payments which is really handy for me. I like all the different graphs which show the development of your portfolio, the dividend income projection tool is particularly powerful. Combine this with quality data about stocks together with MAD's dividend strength score and you have your ultimate dividend investor tool".

- Jozef Culen

"I enjoy using MAD Dividends because of the vast array of information that is graphically displayed in easy to read format. Thank you very much for the functionality of your website."

- Glen Novinger

"I have been using MAD Dividends and I am enjoying it very much. The dividend calendar and projections of next year's dividend income are so cool and motivates the dividend investor to keep going. Furthermore, Robert & Sam provide very fast support and reply with attention. I had an ETF that wasn't in the database and asked them about it. The next day it was added to the system."

- Francisco Marques

"I have been using MAD Dividends for a few months now. It's great to see the pace of new features that the platform provides. In particular I like the long term dividend growth projection dashboards."

- Be'eri M

"I've been a dividend investor for over 20 years and have combined both web-based tools with my own excel-based custom tools in order to have the information I need to make decisions. MAD Dividends is the closest I've found to be a one - stop tool for all my investment information needs. The team is always open to feedback and constantly looks for ways to improving the tool. Great job! "

- Bill Garcia

"I have been looking for a dividend income tracker for my investments across internet for months, and never found what I liked...until now. Honestly, after such a long search I discovered MAD Dividends and after a few months of use I think it definitely is "THE" dividend tool. The tool is great and is continually improved and perfected step by step, as Robert & Sam listen closely to the needs of investors."

- Mark A.

"Great web-app! MAD Dividends meets the needs of retail investors and professional portfolio managers. The platform is particularly user-friendly and powerful. "

- P.O. Kaul

"MAD Dividends is an essential tool for dividend investors to access the information you need while building a income-driven portfolio. While not only giving insights into the your past and current portfolio performance and income, it also projects your dividends into the future showing your expected monthly income. This helps you add to holdings that pay in particular months and make for consistent money in your pocket.

The dividend growth forecaster is amazing and will show you what your portfolio will look like in 10, 20 or 30 years into the future along with the income generated if individual shares maintain their current growth. It's an amazing planning tool which can help you reach your financial goals.

Any minor issue or feedback is always well received by Robert and Sam, and is addressed in a prompt and very friendly way. As an Australian-based investor in the US markets, I would never be without MAD Dividends. It is one of my best finds."

- Joel Dickins

"MAD Dividends has cut in half the time I spend researching stocks. All the different stock analysis features centralize key information which is crucial to efficiently making investment decisions. Sam & Robert are super responsive and willing to help you get started with the platform."

- Justine Higelin

"I was so excited when I heard the announcement about MAD Dividends, I signed up immediately. I hold my dividend growth holding across multiple accounts, so MAD Dividends made it easy to look at the performance of my dividend growth strategy. Sam and Robert were excellent in answering question I had in a timely manner. Well above what I expected.

One of the most precious things for me is to be able to see my annualized return since the inception of my portfolio. So hard to do over multiple accounts, and when one is periodically adding or selling positions. The ability to view my sector diversification is also extremely useful because when buying I don't always pay attention to that. With this knowledge I can hone in to keep a well diversified portfolio.

My favorite view is the one called "Current" where I can see each position, the percentage it is of my portfolio, my total return, and even my yield on cost. I can download this to do my own calculations. Another favorite is the "Income" tab. I love seeing how my income has grown over the years (by individual position)!

This is a must try to see how much information you get in analyzing your portfolio. "

- Anne E.

We wanted to make it easy for you to try MAD PLUS.

We couldn't really go any cheaper
than $1 for the first 30 days.

Yet if you don't like it, we will refund you.
You take no risks when you try MAD Plus.

Just enter your details & join other members.

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MAD Dividends offers dividend investors all the tools they need to maximize their dividend income potential. Unlike the competition, MAD Dividends truly understands and meets the needs of income oriented investors like you.

While all of our tools are built for dividend investors, they also offer tremendous value to those who follow other equity strategies (from blue chip to small cap growth). If you're a dividend investor, you'll be a perfect match for the platform. If you aren't, we're willing to bet you'll still love it.

Our equity database includes over 3,000 US stocks and is suitable for all investors in the US equity market. The platform includes all non dividend stocks listed in the US.

Yes, all of these are available. We have hundreds of funds on the platform and continually add more on demand. If your funds aren't on the platform, we'll add them for you.

You can track all American Depositary Receipts. You can also track all stocks on the London Stock Exchange, and we're planning to add the Toronto Stock Exchange soon. However our MAD Scores aren't available for non US stocks.

Our MAD Scores make it easy for you to find stocks which meet your profile. We calculate hundreds of thousands of ratios every day, to sort and rank stocks for the following factors: Dividend Strength, Value, Momentum & Quality.

Robert & Sam are committed to remaining close to their members, even as the number of customers grow. You'll get direct email access to both founders. If you want to suggest ideas of features, you'll get to do so. New features get added at a fantastic rate on MAD Dividends.


You can pay using any Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover credit card.

Your payment will be processed by Stripe, a secured reputable credit card processing company. All payments are encrypted, so we don't get access to your credit card details, making your payment super safe.

We wanted to remove all risks for you to try MAD Dividends. As you use MAD Dividends, you'll likely realize that the suite of tools really packs a punch for $29/month. We still wanted you to be sure it was for you, which is why you get to try it all for $1.

The second you start your trial, you will get full unrestricted access to all features available on MAD Dividends. You'll get to create as many portfolios as you want, as well as unlimited screeners, watchlists and access to equity data.

No, certainly not. After the trial period, you'll be billed $29 per month. But if for any reason MAD Dividends isn't for you, you can cancel anytime during the trial and get a full refund..

Then you cancel, as simple as that. During the trial, you'll be entitled to a full refund, no questions asked.

Not yet, but we're thinking of implementing one. If you know people who would be willing to join MAD Dividends, get in touch with us and we'll work compensation out.


Yes, we are. The website and its associated web application is operated by Uuptick ltd., a british corporation owned in full by Robert & Sam Kovacs.

All of your data is stored in encrypted format on our super safe servers. We don't take security lightly, and have put in place many measures to safeguard your data privacy.

The company is based in the United Kingdom. Both Robert & Sam are residents of the Duchy of Luxembourg.

If you're in Europe, yes why not. However, if you're like most of our clients, you're probably based in the States. A conference call would probably be a better way for us to get to know one another.

We have members of all age, ranging from 18 year olds to over 80 years old. Most of the users however, are between 30 and 70 years old.

Anybody who's looking for a silver bullet. They'll never find it, not here not elsewhere. Anybody who isn't committed to improving their financial situation shouldn't use MAD Dividends as it would be a waste of their time.

While we don't offer personalized investment advice, we regularly share our thoughts on Seeking Alpha. You can follow our latest portfolio moments there. Alternatively, our members have access to a portfolio which includes all of "Robert & Sam's Seeking Alpha Recommendations".