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1,000x better than Excel

Never bother with complicated Excel files which require loads of manual input. Just upload your portfolio and let us take care of the rest.

Track Your Dividends

We'll automatically produce beautiful charts and tables tracking your dividends. You'll also be able to forecast your income for the next 12 months.

Get Portfolio Insights

Which stocks deserve a spot in your portfolio? Which should get the boot? Identify weaknesses in your portfolio thanks to our proprietary Dividend Strength Score & Stock Strength Score.

100% Free Forever

We also have premium software, but we wanted everyone to be able to track their dividend portfolio for free and without hassle. You'll never pay a dime for our portfolio tracker.

Our (not so) MAD Values

The investing principles which guided the development of the MAD Tracker & MAD Terminal.

Safety First

Our tools must help you safeguard your money. Bad investment decisions can be costly. The silver lining is that in many cases they are avoidable.

Act Rationally

Make investment decisions which make sense. You need to be able to identify the investment opportunities which are right for you.

Understand Trade-offs

Every coin has two sides. When investing for dividend income, there are many trade-offs to consider. Our tools help you identify the best stocks for you.

Measure & Improve

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. You need to track the right things, but you also need the best tools to thrive as an investor.

New to Dividend Investing?

We've designed a free 7 day course which covers everything you need to know to start picking dividend stocks which pay you a growing check every quarter.

About Us

MAD Dividends is run by Robert & Sam Kovacs, a father & son team.

For too long, dividend investors have had to use subpar technology to track their portfolios.

As dividend investors ourselves and tech enthusiasts, we decided to change everything, from scratch.

We decided to build solutions for dividend investors, which would empower them to:

  • Have a better grasp of their existing portfolio.
  • Identify their goals and discover the best dividend stocks.
  • Track and improve their dividend income every year.

Now, don't get us wrong. Dividend investors have been doing these things for decades. We know because we've experienced it first hand.

It involves maintaining excel spreadsheets. It involves having limited analytics. It involves having half a dozen tabs open trying to learn more about a stock. It involves having no proper tools to identify the stocks which meet our goals.

We had enough, and decided to build tools, which all dividend investors will love.

Happy Investing,

Sam & Robert Kovacs


We offer both free & premium solutions for dividend investors.

MAD Tracker

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  • The best dividend portfolio tracker.
  • Automatically track & forecast dividend income.
  • Identify weaknesses in your dividend portfolio.
  • Get all the key information on your stocks.
  • Never deal with an Excel spreadsheet again.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions for us? Chances are somebody has already asked.

  • MAD Dividends' goal is to help as many dividend investors as possible reach financial independence in the most stress free manner. We build various tools & resources to help investos reach their goals.

  • You get to upload one portfolio for free. The software will automatically calculate your portfolio's performance, track your dividend history & forecast future income. You'll chose whether or not to be notified when dividends are announced & paid into your account.

  • We are both very active on Seeking Alpha. Reading a few of our articles & blog posts will help you understand how we approach dividend investing. You can also follow our free 7 days to dividend mastery course to learn more.

  • Yes, all your information is safely stored on our servers. Under no condition would we ever consider selling or giving your data to some third party. You are also free to decide to stop receiving information from us whenever you decide to.